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Negotiating legal costs is a subtle skill that can often take years of experience to develop. We have an experienced team of legal costs negotiators who have honed their skills over a number years, whilst dealing with an array of matters ranging from run of the mill road traffic accident claims to large and complex catastrophic injury matters.

We undertake negotiations on behalf of both Paying and Receiving Parties and provide tailored advice to clients based on comprehensive, item by item risk assessments. When acting for Receiving Parties, our approach is to push for favourable settlements for our clients at an early stage of the assessment process in order to facilitate early payment and benefit cashflow.

We adopt a realistic as opposed to pessimistic approach to our risk assessments and settlement advice. Our clients are kept fully informed of all material developments during the negotiation process. They are also provided with tactical advice and recommendations in relation to Part 36 and/or Calderbank offers.

Many of our clients prefer a hands-on approach to the negotiation process and prefer to be fully involved whereas others prefer to take a back seat and have limited involvement. Whichever approach you prefer, you can rest assured that our team of legal cost experts will be able to adapt as appropriate and cater to your needs.

What We Can Offer You

Whether you are a Paying Party or a Receiving Party, you can rely on our team of highly experienced legal costs experts to secure the best possible negotiated settlement for you.

If you are a Paying Party that has been served with a Bill of Costs, we will successfully identify and challenge costs that are either unreasonably incurred, excessive or are not reasonably recoverable between the parties. If you are a Receiving Party, we will seek to justify each aspect of your Bill of Costs and adopt the necessary approach to both maximise your costs entitlement and facilitate payment as early as possible.

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Esmer Aljkanovic

Partner & Costs Lawyer
Legal Costs

Esmer utilises his experience and legal knowledge to offer bespoke costs services to his clients. He is a skilled negotiator and provides pragmatic and commercial advice.

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