Solicitor and Client Disputes

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Our team of experienced legal costs experts are regularly instructed in relation to Solicitor and Client disputes.

We have extensive experience of Detailed Assessments and litigation arising from the Solicitors Act 1974, and its application in Part 46 of the Civil Procedure Rules.  We can provide detailed breakdowns of Bills, advise on the enforceability of Solicitor and Client retainers and undertake negotiations on your behalf.

Whether you require advice on compliance issues under the Solicitors Code of Conduct or preparing interim/final invoicing on behalf of the Solicitor to the client, our experienced team of legal costs experts can assist.

Our range of services relating to Solicitor and Client disputes include:

  • Preparing interim and final breakdowns of costs
  • Providing advice on the validity and enforceability of retainers
  • Preparing gross sum bills
  • Inspecting contested files and advising in relation to the reasonableness of the time spent
  • Preparing Breakdowns in support of Bills for Detailed Assessment under the Solicitors Act 1974
  • Attending Directions Hearings
  • Attending Detailed Assessment Hearings
  • Preparing Points of Dispute or Replies to Points of Dispute
  • Engaging in negotiations and preparing advice

What We Can Offer You

When disputes arise between a client and their Solicitor, the matter can often become highly contentious and acrimonious.

Our team of legal costs experts are experienced in dealing with such matters, either negotiating an amicable agreement between the parties or providing representation in Solicitors Act proceedings.  Whichever approach is required, we maintain a focus on resolving the issues in dispute in the most economic and efficient manner.

We can deal with the entirety of the Detailed Assessment process in Solicitor and Client disputes, including the hearing itself, thereby removing the burden from you.

All initial enquiries are completely free of charge, so please do not hesitate to call us.  We will provide you with a price quotation and a choice of funding methods so get in touch today to speak to one of our legal costs experts.

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John Mistri

Senior Partner, Costs
Lawyer & Mediator Legal Costs

Our clients have described John’s approach as being clear and pragmatic. He was described as being a valuable asset whilst working on the long running Bates v Post Office Ltd Group Litigation which settled in late 2019.

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